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How did you celebrate Independence Day? Whatever you did, keep the spirit of Independence Day alive and going strong into the weekend by catching the most patriotic movies of the season at Sangam Courtyard. Let’s get together and be inspired by these stories of people from different backgrounds setting their differences aside to risk it all and achieve impossible victories, in service to a greater cause. Hey, that’s what stories do – entertain us, inspire us, and make us believe that everything is possible!

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A fictionalized version of the true story of independent India’s first gold medal at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, ‘Gold’ has received popular acclaim and has set the record for the 4th highest opening day collections in 2018. Inspired by true events and people, the film begins in 1936, when India made a big impact in world hockey and won its third consecutive gold at the Berlin Olympics. This team was called British India team and was managed by the British Raj. ‘Gold’ beautifully tells the story of Tapan Das, played beautifully by Akshay Kumar, a determined junior manager of the British India team, who takes on the audacious task of forming a new team for free India to participate at the 1948 Olympics in London, and takes on the charge of leading the country’s first all-Indian hockey team. His aim is to beat the Britishers at their own game, on their own turf, and his dream is to see the Indian flag furling high on British soil, which would be a moment of pride for every Indian. With stellar performances from a wonderful cast, the film is high on grit and emotion as a handful of Indians put their personal differences aside to make the country proud.


What happens when someone starts hunting those who are supposed to protect us? Directed by MM Zaveri, Satyamev Jayate features the police force in Mumbai, with about two lakh police officers tasked with the safety of this enormous city, and how many of them don’t necessarily have the “cleanest” vardis, becoming as corrupt as the criminals they are trying to catch. Watch Jon Abraham as he plays ‘Vir’, a bold, calculating, and unapologetic vigilante who takes matters into his own hands by mercilessly punishing officers who abuse the law. When four such police inspectors are burnt alive in a series of merciless killings, the entire police force is rocked with terror. With the media is looking for answers, and the public divided over whether Vir is justified, the Commissioner calls upon their best officer, DCP Shivansh, played brilliantly by Manoj Vapayee, to prevent the next attack. What follows is a cat and mouse game that becomes a confrontation of epic proportions as DCP Shivansh tries to capture Vir and stop him from raining down destruction on the entire police force, all set against the corrupt underbelly of the city that never sleeps.

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