Revisiting Nostalgia at the Delhi Club House


A familiar place in a foreign land – that is always the feeling I get when I visit Delhi Club House. Not that Delhi is foreign, but sometimes when life gets a bit overwhelming, the warm ambience of Delhi Club House never fails to uplift my spirits! The restaurant is inspired by the clubs of colonial India, which were exclusive spaces for club members to catch up with friends & colleagues over a drink or a meal. These clubs were a way of daily life for so many people: they were the epicenter of all relationships, old-timey addas for unwinding, gossip, and friendships for the entire family! The food was neither fancy nor gastronomically complex – It was good, fresh, comfort food, borrowed from each other’s cuisines and satisfied the palettes of ‘babus’ and Britishers alike.

Delhi Club House has recreated the atmosphere of these exclusive, old clubs perfectly. It reminisces an era and a culture gone by, capturing the perfect balance of relaxation, delicious comfort food, and the simplicity of connecting with the people I love without a care in the world. For those of us not fortunate enough to be members of their elite membership, the menu of Delhi Club House features dishes and recipes by some of India’s most iconic clubs, along with a tempting variety of DCH originals!

Whichever comfort food I am craving, I find my fix at Delhi Club House. From their delectable cheese soufflé, inspired by the Bycullah Club, to their Khorma Biryani, based on the Nizam Club, everything is made with love. Their Keema Pao sliders, inspired by the Indore Residency, are a must try, as is their wonderfully crunchy Parsi Gymkhana inspired Akuri on Toast, Rangoon lamb curry based on the Pegu Colonial Club, and my personal favorite, Chicken Momos, inspired by the Gorkha Rifles Mess! With each delicious dish, I find a bite of history and the taste of another time.

The drinks and cocktails here are as unique as the food – be it a soothing, simple gin and lime to the classic Old Spice- vodka with orange zest and sparkling wine, or the East India, which has a vodka base and is topped with a chilli, lemon and orange chunks, they are a perfect balance of familiarity and adventure! Delicious club cuisine cooked to perfection and served in a beautiful ambience by a wonderful staff taking care of you, Delhi Club House is my space to unwind and catch up with friends – simple, warm, friendly and comfortable.

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