5 Drinks At Sangam You Shouldn’t Miss!

What do the dill-wallas of Delhi do to beat the heat every sultry summer? With delicious, refreshing artisanal cocktails on our fingertips, it is easier than ever to celebrate summer in Delhi’s inimitable style! Embrace the season with Sangam Courtyard’s acclaimed mixologists and dazzling array of world famous cocktails, and transform your hottest evenings into the coolest hang outs. For starters, try these amazing offerings at Sangam Courtyard before you decide your new summer favorites.

  1. Espresso Martini, Delhi Club House

Coffee lovers everywhere, rejoice! Get a wake-up shot and a mellow buzz as you enjoy the smooth taste of Delhi Club House’s Espresso Martini, guaranteed to “wake you up, then funk you up”.  Pair with a delectable dessert and you’ve got yourself the perfect nightcap!

2. Rusty Nail, Nueva

A modern twist on the classic Rusty Nail served at Nueva is an unbeatable choice to quench your thirst. But don’t stop there – explore Neuva’s treasure trove of innovative and inventive cocktails made from pisco, a full-bodied brandy from Peru and Chile! Pairs well with the lamb shanks or tenderloin, or on its own amidst Nueva’s scintillating ambiance!

3. Peach and Kaffir Lime Daiquiri, Ziu

If there was any cocktail that we would associate the age old adage, ‘no can on have just one’, it would be Ziu’s piquantPeach and Kaffir Lime Daiquiri – it doesn’t get more refreshing than this! Cool down with the classic medley of rum, peach and lime, best enjoyed with old friends and trips down memory lane!

4. Sangrias, Bellinis and Wines galore, Café Diva

For wine-lovers, picking one drink from Café Diva’s exquisite wine selection is impossible so our advice is – sit back and have one of each! Mix and match at your pleasure as you indulge every mood – fruity and light, full bodied and adventurous, or classic and evergreen.

Old Fashioned, Café Delhi Heights

Whiskey and summer go hand in hand with Café Delhi Heights’ reinvention of Old Fashioned, an iconic cocktail classic! Sweet and fruity, this cocktail has long been a favorite of whiskey connoisseurs who are serious about their drinks but not afraid to have some fun with it.

Step out and cool down in the true spirit of Delhi with some of the best drinks the city has to offer!

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